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Guaranteed Treatments

Whith our anytime service, we provide a one-month guarantee on the inside of your home. Because our spray has a long-term residual please allow three weeks for it to clean out the insects and spiders. After three weeks the only live insect or spider you'll ever see will be an occasional new intruder that wasn't exposed to the spray. If, after three weeks, you still have bugs we will come back and take care of them for free. If a longer guarantee is wanted, please contact us and ask about our quarterly service.

Our friendly schedulers will assist you in creating an appointment. The sooner your call, the sooner those pests are dealt with.


  • Phone: Davis/Weber/Salt Lake (801) 544-5500
  • Address: 3386 West 1300 North, Clinton, UT 84015
  • Business Hours: 8AM - 5PM MST